Case Studies

Remy Haynes Photography Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh

Was hired my Amazon Fresh to deliver lifestyle and product imagery both on location and in studio. 

Photographed the iconic Amazon Fresh trucks on the streets of Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle as well as their delivery drivers in action. Lastly, we captured product imagery of some of their food offerings on white for their e-commerce website.

Remy Haynes Photography Microsoft


Photographed several worldwide ad campaigns for Microsoft Windows & Surface. Worked closely with the Art Director and Producer to execute Creative Director’s vision to create imagery that told the story of connection, inclusivity and mobility. Traveled to eight countries including Europe, Asia & Russia to photograph models and employees using Microsoft Products.

Netflix Case Study


Helped create and execute new branding direction for Netflix. Worked closely with the Branding Director to create new ideas to tell the story of superior content, ease of use and popularity. Photographed in several different locations across the United States and worked closely with the production, design and creative teams to execute vision.

Remy Haynes Photography Westin Hotels

Westin Hotels

Photographed both interior and lifestyle imagery for Westin Hotels, always focusing on luxury and elegance with a mix of comfort and playfulness. Worked through design firm located in Seattle. Traveled with Art Director to several of their locations to get a nice range of their different looks. 

Remy Haynes Still Photography

Still Photography

My background is rooted in still photography and along the way I’ve incorporated motion capture and writing into my storytelling. I’ve always focused mainly on advertising and branding which typically include people, places and products in and outside of the studio.

Remy Haynes Photography - Motion Capture

Motion Capture

My motion capture and editing skills focus mainly on short form and social media application. I’m very much drawn to a natural, journalistic approach that captures real moments. I try to stay away from excessive lighting or production. For that type of more polished work, I work closely with Whitford Foundry to produce high end, long form motion capture.

Remy Haynes Photography - Writing


I added writing to my storytelling toolbox ten years ago when I self published a book on the positive effects of the 2009 recession. Since then I have published a second book, written and photographed several editorial assignments for local magazines and I help clients with website and marketing content. My second book, a travel memoir, is available on Amazon and is called, ‘Carry Me Home.’

Remy Haynes Photography - Currency Project

Currency Project

What started as a 9-month personal project for me back in 2009, documenting positive recession stories, has turned into a self-published book, a sold out gallery show, and a website holding over 20 inspiring stories of redemption, resilience and celebrating the beauty in the struggle of life. The currency project website can be found at