• Hotel Z

    Hotel Z

    Pretty fun to switch gears and shoot some interiors for Hotel Z in San Diego. Fuzzy robes available and cupcakes in the lobby, it was my kind of place.

  • Kat Dennings

    Kat Dennings

    Super fun to shoot such a beauty. I guess her show, "Two Broke Girls," is doing great. No doubt. She was lovely.

  • Andy Cohen

    Andy Cohen

    Shot a fun cover for a magazine called The Wrap. It included Vanderpump and her little doggie, Padma Lakshmi and this fun guy. What a pleasure to shoot such a nice dude.

  • Carey Mulligan

    Carey Mulligan

    It's super exciting to shoot celebrities but you quickly realize they are indeed just like you. Carey was interesting to shoot though as she would not smile. I caught this one shot as she giggled at something her make up artist said. 

  • Jessie Georgina

    Jessie Georgina

    I had the great pleasure of helping launch a new ladies handbag line out of San Diego called Jessie Georgina. We shot lifestyle and all of the products on white. It was a blast shooting my model sister!

  • All girls!

    All girls!

    One of the most fun jobs I have is to photograph the ladies of Holy Names Academy in Seattle and Marymount University here in LA. I spend the day snapping the girls studying hard and playing hard.

  • Microsoft Surface Tablet

    Microsoft Surface Tablet

    Microsoft asked me to help advertise their new Surface 3 Tablet. We shot for 2 days in Seattle highlighting it's use in education, government, banking, medical and more. 

  • Greece feature!

    Greece feature!

    Two dreams come true, I get to see Greece and write a travel piece on it. Wow, what a year! You can read the entire article here and visit the Greece tab on this site to see more of my pics from the trip.

  • Sanrio


    Working with Hello Kitty for a Target ad was as close to heaven as it gets. My inner 13 year old girl wanted to jump up and sing too.