• Having Fun With Shapes

    Having Fun With Shapes

    My friend Marne discovered yoga in the late 90's when it seemed we were all just starting to hear about it. A few months ago she asked if I'd take some pictures of her to promote her yoga. It was a no brainer, since I'd been photographing her for years, first as my test subject through photo school and then documenting other important events in her life like her engagement. We'd always seem to get these amazing results, whatever we dreamed up to shoot together and this experiment was no exception. With her goal of building her Instagram following, we set out every two weeks to photograph her. We'd change locations and she'd bring 10 or so outfits. We'd keep it to 2 hours and we'd just blast through a bunch of cool scenarios. As she began to drip out these images, new followers came quickly. She went from 42 followers when we first started to over 7K now, a few months later. I'd like to think it's my stellar photo skilz that helped this tragectory but I know it's the combo platter of good energy we have each time we set out to create some art. 


  • Traveling to other countries

    Traveling to other countries

    I'm Canadian, but I have a green card to live here in the United States. Had one parent not been born in the US, I would have had a harder time getting approved to relocate. Going back to a place like Canada wouldn't be all that bad, so I can't speak to the feeling that some people have right now facing deportation back to countries that aren't safe for them or being separated from their family members. But as a human being, I feel for these people, no matter where they were born. 

    A few years ago I was blessed to travel to 8 countries in 8 weeks to shoot for a worldwide ad campaign for Microsoft. We met with 3 families or friends per day and basically recorded their lives for a few hours. These people were strangers to us, people we'd never met. You know what I remember most about that experience? I remember realizing that we're all very similar. We cherish family time, we support one another and we welcome strangers. In every city across the globe, we were welcomed in to people's lives and homes to share time with them, sometimes sharing a vodka and sometimes leaving with gifts. 

    I understand the reasoning behind Prez Trump's decision to try and not let in the bad guys, but I feel sad that his 'blanket' approach may be excluding some perfectly harmless people and hurting many along the way. I very much hope we can continue to value one another personally, in our day to day and when traveling, so we can show the world that we don't all agree with our president's decisions. 

    Thanks Igor for that homemade Vodka. Russia was unforgettable and I never order a Vodka tonic now without thinking of you and your hospitality. 

    *In honor of our friends and family in other countries I've set up a new travel portfolio here, to remember all the amazing sites I was able to see because I was allowed to. 

  • Hotel Z

    Hotel Z

    Pretty fun to switch gears and shoot some interiors for Hotel Z in San Diego. Fuzzy robes available and cupcakes in the lobby, it was my kind of place.

  • Kat Dennings

    Kat Dennings

    Super fun to shoot such a beauty. I guess her show, "Two Broke Girls," is doing great. No doubt. She was lovely.

  • Andy Cohen

    Andy Cohen

    Shot a fun cover for a magazine called The Wrap. It included Vanderpump and her little doggie, Padma Lakshmi and this fun guy. What a pleasure to shoot such a nice dude.

  • Carey Mulligan

    Carey Mulligan

    It's super exciting to shoot celebrities but you quickly realize they are indeed just like you. Carey was interesting to shoot though as she would not smile. I caught this one shot as she giggled at something her make up artist said. 

  • Jessie Georgina

    Jessie Georgina

    I had the great pleasure of helping launch a new ladies handbag line out of San Diego called Jessie Georgina. We shot lifestyle and all of the products on white. It was a blast shooting my model sister!

  • All girls!

    All girls!

    One of the most fun jobs I have is to photograph the ladies of Holy Names Academy in Seattle and Marymount University here in LA. I spend the day snapping the girls studying hard and playing hard.