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Wild Wonders #6


Did you know that Behavioral Enrichment is very important for all animals, wild and domestic? We provide our creature teachers with 'BE' every day. This is Meadow, one of our resident foxes, sniffing out her new toy.

Wild Wonders #5


Did you know that our animal ambassadors are also artists? You heard right. They love to create amazing 'paw print art' for you. So if you're looking for that unique gift for mom, dad or BFF look no further and rest assured that proceeds from these paintings go straight back to taking care of our amazing animals.

See more here:

Wild Wonders #4


Your kids can still join us for Zoo Camp, running through August 16th. M/W/F from 9am-1pm. Each day will have a unique activity aimed at getting kids excited about the natural world and how to take care of it. See the schedule online and sign up today!

Wild Wonders #3


If your child wants to be a zoologist, the Junior Keeper-For-A-Day Camp allows them to participate in a hands-on half day camp that gives each child a unique, up-close and personal experience with this exciting career. Book now, it starts next week!

More info here: https://wildwonders.org/zoo-camp-2019

Wild Wonders #2


Looking for a new venue for your Photography Club or Meetup? Let Wild Wonders host your group for a fun 90 minute photo shoot with our animal ambassadors (fascinating information on each animal included.) We offer a wide variety of animals – from cheetahs to armadillos to birds of prey to porcupines. Our keepers will make sure our stars are ready for your visit and have their best paws, wings, or scales forward.

Wild Wonders #1


Did you know that we offer wildlife education programs to schools, libraries, offices and homes!? Our animal experiences are a unique gift for that animal lover that is hard to buy for! Plus all proceeds go towards a great cause, taking great care of our animal ambassadors! Check out our website for more information.

Lofty Learning #5


Lofty Learning has started a new series with local professionals in the mental health arena talking about how this pandemic may be affecting our mental health as well. Partnering with WMD Foundation, we're doing 5 Questions in 5 Minutes. Please check out these free listen interviews.

WMD creates community-based and social media projects to provide healing and reconciliation as alternatives to cycles of violence.


Lofty Learning #4


Is pandemic news and your work situation triggering burnout? Lofty Learning has assembled a new 'avoiding burnout' annual subscription with courses on yoga, meditation, interviews and expert presentations that outline practical burnout solutions. For a low annual subscription of $100, receive an entire year of support. Start your relief now at:


Lofty Learning #3


Join Lofty Learning's Jim Eischen this coming Friday at 12:00pm PDT for his second webinar on avoiding work-related burnout. This webinar will move from understanding burnout and US mental health/burnout stats to how better understanding how the mind really works. Jim will overview the 10 worst mental health treatments of all time, and then discuss updated insights: how modular mind theory and cognitive distortion comprehension help us achieve improved mental wellness. This is all part of our new channel on work-related burnout. Learn more here: