Why Travel is Good for Your Mind, Body & Spirit

Remy in Italy


We are living in a digital age where large amounts of information are available to us due to rapid advancements in computer technology. This is very exciting and helpful on the one hand, and a bit concerning with regards to mental health on the other. What has also risen with the advance of tech is obesity, loneliness, and suicide rates. They have been steadily climbing with the rise of the social networks and 4K video. Why is this happening and what is the anecdote?  

Watching a 2-dimensional picture of a place can be beautiful and educational, but that experience is missing some key components to happiness; connection with others, shared goals and use of senses. Now, I’ve always been a fan of travel. I’ve been to over 15 countries, (physically been there) navigated the language barrier and connected with others to learn about the local culture. And it never fails, I come home feeling renewed, excited, and anxious to plan my next trip. When was the last time you felt renewed and excited by doom scrolling on Instagram?

Now, I’ve always been a fan of adventure travel because I love being physically active and I love learning how I can help the planet, other humans, and animals. I think travel is crucial for personal growth, as it can push you out of your comfort zone, fostering resilience and self-discovery. It encourages cultural immersion, allowing us travelers to engage with local communities and gain a deeper understanding of different lifestyles and traditions. It also provides a unique opportunity to connect with nature, promoting environmental awareness and appreciation for diverse ecosystems that may be unfamiliar to us.

The physical challenges inherent in adventure travel can also be beneficial, improving fitness, well-being, and mental clarity. And let’s not forget the education piece. Building our brains, aka learning new things has also been linked to less dementia in aging and overall excitement for life. Additionally, adventure tourism can play a vital role in sustainable development of local communities by providing economic opportunities for locals and encouraging the conservation of natural resources. So, basically your travel dollars help the locals. That’s a win win.

The biggest thing to remember in the mental health game is that we’re not alone. This can be a challenge when we haven’t left the house in days and our only friends are online. Don’t be fooled by the 2-dimensional world presented to you by your phone or Netflix. You are part of a global community of people with values and hobbies and goals that may sync up with yours if you’re open to going outside. Go smell the fresh bread from the local bakery, touch that icecap with your warm fingers, hear that distant howl from a wolf. Better yet, call a friend and go experience this beautiful world together. When all is said and done, we are still human beings, not computers and we need touch, smell, taste and a warm hug to bring us back to the most important thing we have, this one wild life, in this one sexy body. Now go use it why don’t you!