Healer in Bali - Cokorda Rai

Bali is an island rich in spiritual heritage, with focus on healing and personal growth. I wanted to go beyond the traditional places to visit in Bali and seek out a well known healer to visit instead. 94 year old Cokorda Rai turned up several times in my Google search and upon checking with our Airbnb owner he was ineeded revered in the community.

We arrived early in the AM and got in the que. We were told he was not awake yet and no one wanted to wake him. Apparently we started when he was ready for us to start. We waited about an hour and a half before we saw him immerge in his sarong with crazy hair and a big smile. The first two people receiving their healing were a husband and wife team whom had come in from Jakarta, a nearly 2 hour flight, just to see him. We watched as he poked their ears, felt their head and face and then laid them down to poke their toes. They both seemed in pain from the pressure in certain areas, meaning certain things. He established that the wife had some emotional stress over not getting pregnant. This was indeed true. He established for the husband that he had a health concern he was managing, to which he responded that he was diabetic. We were believers after seeing this, but a bit nervous at what he might find within us.

It was my turn. I sat facing away from him on the ground, him on a chair above me. He laid my neck and head against his knees and started his process. I relaxed in and waited to hear him speak. He put his hand on my shoulder after a moment and said, "You are good. You have clear mind. You see beautiful things. I see no problems here." I turned to look at him and then the audience of others waiting for their healing, about 20 other people looking on. I make a face like, wait, what? That's it, I'm cool? He asks me what I do for a living and I tell him I'm a photographer. He says, "Ah yes, you see a lot of beauty and you capture that. You have passion for what you do. Photographers live long lives," he says, "because they are focused and see things clearly. His English was broken, but I got the message, some of it later from our driver who had to translate a bit.

He then asked my age and said I was just beginning my spiritual journey to openess and that in two years, I would no longer feel any blocks and I will be happy. He also said something about great adundance that went with that and that I had an inituitive sense about things. "You know things," he says, "but have it be your little secret." I liked that and smiled. He traced his finger under one eye and said, "See this looks good." Then traced along the other and said the same thing. "All good."

I said thank you and caught the shocked glances of the other people waiting. When I went to grab my bag from the back of the line a lady turned to me and said, "You are so lucky. He found nothing wrong with you. That's incredible." I too thought it was pretty incredible...


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