• Cheetah Love

    Cheetah Love

    New Years Resolution: update blog more often.

    This update comes several months after the last, but worth the wait. As part of my schooling, which has been going great btw, I'm required to log 40 hours 'in the field' of my study. Because of lack of experience, I was turned down for an intership at the Wild Animal Park and Zoo here in San Diego. Totally understandable. I only had two months of schooling under my belt. They advised me to re-apply next summer. They also suggested I contact a couple wildlife rescues located in San Diego and try and volunteer with them. I was delighted to hear there was a second option for me and the more and more the months go on, I realize it was just where I was supposed to be at this point in my new journey. 

    I've been volunteering at Wild Wonders every Sunday now for over 3 months. The first day I came for orientation I was taken aback by the cheetahs they have in residence, 3 to be exact. Just seeing them through the fence stopped me in my tracks. Learning that they 'feed the cheetahs' every day at 2pm, I strategically asked for the 11-3pm shift on Sundays. Every Sunday I would watch the owner, the keepers and the seasoned volunteers go into the cheetah pen after feeding to cuddle one cheetah named Victor. Meeting Victor, up close and personal, became my new goal.

    Here's to doing something different, working hard, being patient and staying hopeful. Cuddling Victor was well worth the three months I spent learning about him and watching him through the fence. Today he came right up to me, licked my arms, let my rub his little ears and made me feel so grateful to be trusted by such a beautiful, wild animal. What a moment!