• Getting settled - week one

    Getting settled - week one

    Thanks to the power of Facebook, I was connected with the owner of a beautiful home in Bali through a friend of a friend. I've come to learn that she rarely rents out her space to strangers and usually reserves her spare room for close friends and family, so I feel very lucky to be staying in her private home. It also turns out that she's quite lovely and we get on very well. She even invited me out with her good friend that night to have dinner and girl talk so my introduction to Bali and it's people has been, so far, warm and inclusive. 

    I woke the next day to that feeling of, "Wait, where am I?," and then smiled immediately knowing I was just beginning an amazing trip full of doing nothing and everything. It is an interesting feeling to clear your schedule for a month and have literally, no plans. What do you do when no one is telling you what to do? This is going to be interesting...