• Arriving in Bali

    Arriving in Bali

    I couldn't help but wrap myself up in the beauty of Bali the moment I arrived at my Airbnb. Hair was notted in a bun, clothes were off and there I was, beginning my amazing vacation. Even after 27 hours of travel, I felt as clear and centered as when I first stepped on that train to LAX. There is something magical about this place and I could feel it immediately. 

    My wonderful 'host' had arranged a car to pick me up at the airport and sure enough Yoga was waiting for me with a sign that read "Remy Tamara H". He was lovely and kind and welcomed me to Bali. We got on the road to Semiyak and I noticed many new sites along the way, especially the organized choas of the city. Motor bikes and mini cars snaking there way around each other, narrowly missing each other's bumpers.

    As we began to leave the city of Denpasar, the air started to get a little quiter, the cars a little slower and the foliage a big bigger. Even in my weariness and sleep deprivation, my eyes were wide with excitement...