• Finding Joy in Bali

    Finding Joy in Bali

    June 19th, I fly to Bali for a month. This is a trip that was born out of desperation for something new. It was sparked by debt, loss and heartbreak. It is a giant leap of faith to try and shift something in my life to get better. Some may not know this, because I don't publicize my personal life, but last year was one of the worst years I've ever had. I lost so much that was dear to me and truthfully, it leveled me. It took the ground out from underneath me. I lost my fiancé, my home, my animals, a best friend and work. Some of these were my choices because my ultimate happiness was at stake, but I had to endure great loss to try and get to a better place. My heart is still not healed and I don't have a place I call home yet, but I hope to find my joy again in Bali.

    So come with me on my little 'Eat, Pray, Love' spiritual journey. My stuff is still in storage, my kitties have a host 'mom' and I’m taking off. Am I doing this easily? Oh hell no. I’m scared. I’m excited but I’m also terrified. I’m taking bold action to shift my life into a better place and I’m hoping it all works out. Leap and the net will appear right?