• Having Fun With Shapes

    Having Fun With Shapes

    My friend Marne discovered yoga in the late 90's when it seemed we were all just starting to hear about it. A few months ago she asked if I'd take some pictures of her to promote her yoga. It was a no brainer, since I'd been photographing her for years, first as my test subject through photo school and then documenting other important events in her life like her engagement. We'd always seem to get these amazing results, whatever we dreamed up to shoot together and this experiment was no exception. With her goal of building her Instagram following, we set out every two weeks to photograph her. We'd change locations and she'd bring 10 or so outfits. We'd keep it to 2 hours and we'd just blast through a bunch of cool scenarios. As she began to drip out these images, new followers came quickly. She went from 42 followers when we first started to over 7K now, a few months later. I'd like to think it's my stellar photo skilz that helped this tragectory but I know it's the combo platter of good energy we have each time we set out to create some art.