2019 Recap

Remy Haynes and Henry Cavill, British Channel Islands

Well, I checked off some Bucket List items in 2019, the most exciting one being meeting my celebrity crush Henry Cavill in the UK in May. As some of you may know, I went back to school to get certified in Zoology. I graduated in May and celebrated with a trip to the British Channel Islands to not only meet Henry Cavill but run an 8 mile race for the animals of Jersey Island Zoo. That trip, running that race and meeting that hunky man was the highlight of my year. What? A girl's gotta dream. ;) 

Other fun accomplishments in 2019 for me were: 

I started my legging adventure with 5 photographs, experimenting with how I could use my photography in a different way. They can be viewed at www.loveandkoi.com

I got to photograph Jay Leno in Los Angeles and see his infamous ‘garage.’ 

I started volunteering for San Diego Zoo Global, which has a rigorous induction program but I made it in after volunteering in the field for over a year at Wild Wonders. I volunteer in the Population Sustainability Department and help 'spot leopards' for project the zoo has in Africa. I'm starting to work with the giraffe department next week. 

Here's to hoping 2020 will be just as exciting and inspiring...